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Reflecting Vs Refracting Telescopes - Which Type Makes Sense For You?

Reflecting on reflecting telescopes has become a popular debate amongst the telescope users in the recent times. The debate actually started with the discovery of the refracting telescopes that is able to use the sun's reflection to produce a clearer image. This discovery revolutionized the field of astronomy and provided an easy and cheap way to produce sharper images. Thus, the reflecting or refracting debate was born.

The reflecting vs the refracting debate actually started when Galileo made an experiment to test the theories of gravity and space apart from earth and heavenly bodies. He set out to test whether the earth was round or not by comparing its orbit to the stars. He was actually successful to a great extent as he was able to make a very clear and accurate comparison between the moon and the planet Saturn. This experiment laid the ground work for a long lasting and useful invention.

The refractor vs reflector telescope is generally used by amateur astronomers who are not willing to spend too much on acquiring a telescope of their own. Reflecting telescopes are available at various prices and the cheapest amongst them are those which use lenses. Lenses, though providing cheap and quality observation, are not easy to use as they need constant calibration. The reflecting telescope is generally made up of a mirror or a semi-transparent coating which is able to reflect light back into the eyepiece.

Refracting telescope on the other hand uses lenses to project an image through a tube. Lenses are expensive as compared to reflecting vs reflectors and hence they have become the first choice of the professionals. Though the refracting models have a longer lifespan than the reflectors, it can be more difficult to use as there is more focus required. Another major disadvantage of the refracting models is that they are only useful for objects which lie along the surface of the telescope.

However, there are some good points about reflecting or refracting telescopes. First, this reflector telescope is easier to use. They also provide sharper images and you are more able to observe minute details. Moreover, reflecting or refracting has its own special benefits like the ability to alter the focus and also give the user better views. The reflecting telescope does not require constant calibration like the refracting one and hence is much easier to use and fix.

Refracting telescopes are more advantageous when compared to reflecting ones because they give a clearer picture. However, they are more expensive as compared to reflectors and are not quite as easy to use. If you are considering buying one, you need to determine the reason for your purchase and then decide between the two. If you are looking for convenience then reflectors are more worthy of your money. But if you want to be able to observe and study a particular object with greater ease then the refracting model is what you should choose. Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telescope.

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